Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some thoughts

This next week is gonna be harder for me 2 handle with all the bullshit coming at me Being 18 sometimes sucks. Its like i stay back from people they get mad if i keep it real with them its a prob like WTF. So i decide to just focus on me and prepare myself for the upcoming future.I came to realize that the people i help out, i help out the most always have my back no matter what and others only need me for the moment. I cant live to please other people and sometimes i find myself doing that breaking my back to help others who i dont know if they would do the same for me.

I care for others more times then i do myself . SO IM JUST GOING TO CONTINUE DOING WHAT I LIKE OR LOVE TO DO. NOT caring what anyone has to say

Its funny i had a miner fight with someone who told me i wasent gonna make it into radio broadcasting and all i could do was lol!!!!! like wow that person is only going to make me do better.

I decide to not care who is going to ride with me thru my crazy life.Either you with me or not because either way im really going to make something of myself out if all the pain and B.S thats going on with me rite now.I always had myself to fall back on

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