Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Staten Island

Me, Tia, Kathrine and Sunny.We went to Staten Island for our presentation Which is Hosted by Marcus he is a poet from Staten Island. We rode the Staten Island Ferry Which was kinda scary for me since i never been on it and i HATE BIG BOATS and the Ferry doest have a good Reputation from the news(Like i watch the news on the regular NOPE). But it was nice I could not do that everyday back and forth, especially in the winter o NO!!!! But after we got off the ferry in staten Island it was nothing completly DEAD!!!! no life at all just hills it was boring out there what they do for fun is????? I dont know OOO we interviewed alot of people on the boat someone name Sinner LOL it was to funny he was like 50 trying to be 15 oo god it was just to funny.

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