Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hi guys whats up with everyone , I haven't seen any active people on the blog.
i just wanted to see if ya people haven't forgotten about me or Harlem Live.
well, other than that I'm doing great in school and I'm still a game designer.

So the question i wanna ask all of you is , How are ya and what are ya up too people :P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finally wee won. a contset thanks to me (Larashia), Rashea, a lil help from Kendra and lucy Mary. but for tha video room mii and chea threw it down. we mopped and i schrubb them floors cuz i waz not playyin. i was not lettin the red team win yes i said it and im not wit the petty ness of for fake people. dont cum up in my face and try to talk to mee after what u did and said to my team. well thats all im going to say....... its over im gonna miss the yellow and green team.

Monday, August 10, 2009

school is about to start..........*weeps*

i can feel it in the air that the school year is also says it on my calender. im scared to go to school this year. not because its going to be a long school year and i wont be able to see the boy i adore anymore but im scared because....because....because i have to take a AP class this year!!!!! im taking AP european history and this summer i had to write 3 essays that cant be less then four pages on 3 boring books that god put on this planet for torture!!!! when i mean that these three books are boring, THEY ARE BORING!!!!! i dont think i would be able to last a month in this AP clas. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Almost over

while I'm eating this dark chocolate mixed with caramel i realize that the end of the summer youth media challenge is right around the corner. And that even the summer is around the block. I hope that we all learned something important while being apart of HarlemLIVE. I figured out that patience is a virtue, especially when working with 'grown' teenagers and that i might want to pursue journalism or directing. The two are different but I know it's possible to manage both. If there was anything i could do over in this challenge, it would have to be the rate that I produced stories. It should be faster. But since i want everything to be perfect the first time i write a story it's so difficult to put it together, but at least there's always help. Katrina an alumni helped me with my Sri Lanka story. She knows someone from there who she met while doing stuffy abroad in school, and she'll contact him. He's part of the majority group or government group (the Singhalese) in Sri Lanka, and people think of him as if he's no good once they find out that he is a Singhalese.

today was just a tiring sitting here doing this blog becaus kevin keeps bothering me telling me to do something. i really dont know what to write about so im just putting as many words as i can. after this blog im goin home to get sum major rest and im extra thirsty and harlem live has no juice for me lol. < that counts as a word. so im gonaa go home and watch my sister becuse my mother and my grandmother are goin to the casino as usual. i bin there once and it was a bore bcuzz my grama won all the money and i didnt win sh*t lol..and i hate losing money it makes me highly upset..welp i hope that this is a hundred words because im off this nastyyyyy!
This morning I've been busy. I woke up at 12:30 and realized that I needed to go to my saxophone lesson and that I'd left my saxophone at Harlem live. I rushed to 125th and than back up to Harlem school of the arts for my sax lesson.

Then I came in to Harlem live and set up a story for Monday. I want to talk to people at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art(MoCCA) about how the comic book industry has changed and how It has become more commercialized because of all of the superhero movies that have been produced in recent years. The phone call to the people at MoCCA went well and they promised ti i form their manager about us and said that she'd get back to me ASAP.

I hope that we win tomorrow at the presentation because we went all the way to Staten Island and we shot some interesting stuff. I think that our reality TV show idea for the TV show will work, I mean there's plenty of office drama here every day.

Sunny is OUT...

Sorry guys

Sorry Team live I wasn't here yesterday but , anyway today i will post articles all day.
So please team focus and do all your work today. Also did anyone finish their article
tell me if you have finished yet okay?
P.S.I'm here today.