Monday, July 20, 2009

omg friday was so stressful

Friday was so stressful...i had to wake up like at 8:00am to get redy to get my debit card and go to 181 st at 10:00am to some hot ass school their..but wen i got their there were like 1000 kid waiting on a long line to get their card n they made us stay like for 3 hr STANDING outside on the blazing sun....then we had to stay in side like for 2 more hr licening to a lady that work in the chace bank(she was so low that she could of only hear her self)lol...n then i was soppous to go to my job but wen i got home my mom left me my sisther to take care of cuz she had to go some were n the n i couldnt go to work...n then i got the bad news that my team had LOST.....!!!!!

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